Fujimura House    Urushi & Kintsugi Workshop

Fujimura House is an old merchant’s home in Hino, Shiga, built around 1780. Hino was at one time an important centre for urushi lacquerware production, and the Fujimura household, a family of wealthy sake brewers, would have had ceramic and lacquerware dishes and trays of all shapes and sizes to cater for the many guests they received, with a special outhouse dedicated specifically to drying them. Now that building, where the family’s many urushi dishes were once dried, has been renovated and reborn as Fujimura House Urushi & Kintsugi Workshop.


Urushi lacquer has been used in Japan to repair broken items since prehistoric times. To guarantee strength and quality, I use traditional techniques and only natural Japanese urushi to repair ceramics, glass and lacquer items. Cracks and blemishes are not hidden, but rather brought to the fore - a reflection of you, the owner’s, wishes. Whether you would like traditional kintsugi using 24 carat gold, or prefer silver or coloured urushi, I am happy to oblige.


I also hold kintsugi workshops if you are interesting in learning more about this ancient art.


For details and enquiries, please feel free to contact me at the address below.

792 Okubo, Hino, Gamo, Shiga, Japan 529-1603